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Fortior Law SA | Legal services of Russian-speaking lawyers in Switzerland

Who we are

We are a team of international commercial and dispute resolution lawyers.

Our lawyers have worked for various clients, including:

  • Shipping companies
  • Major oil and petroleum traders
  • Coal and metal traders
  • Investment funds
  • Banks and other providers of financial services
  • International organisations
  • High net worth individuals
Arbitration and litigation
  • Commercial contracts
  • Shipping
  • International trade
  • Trade finance
  • Loans and other financial transactions
  • Documentary and contractual fraud
  • Corporate disputes
  • Asset freezing and debt recovery
  • International administrative law
Corporate and commercial
  • Shipping documents
  • Trade finance instruments
  • Commercial contracts
  • Corporate documents
  • Corporate management
  • Financing agreements
  • Joint ventures
  • Financial regulation
  • Security instruments

Given our cultural background, we are uniquely positioned to connect Eastern-European and Central Asian businesses to Western legal services. The CIS region has the largest reserves of almost all natural resources. International trading transactions in those resources, as well as the international contracts for their shipment and financing, are mostly governed by English law. Fortior’s lawyers are experts in the relevant areas of English law, have deep cultural understanding of the CIS region and are fluent in its languages.