Fortior Law obtains a Swiss interim injunction to block negative publicity about a client

Fortior Law obtains a Swiss interim injunction to block negative publicity about a client

Fortior’s client, a Swiss oil trader, was subject to a number of negative publications by its former business partner. The publications alleged that the client worked with Iran and breached US sanctions, which the client denied. These statements were very harmful to the client’s business, which depended on bank financing in US dollars. The business partner then wrote a confidential email to the client suggesting that the publications would be removed if the client settled its alleged debt to its former partner.

Fortior worked with the client to take down the negative publications. This was achieved by an urgent interim ex-parte application to a Court in Geneva to remove the publications from the former partner’s website, and then remove them from Google search results. In addition, the client filed a criminal complaint in Geneva to have the former partner convicted for defamation and blackmail.

The civil injunction was unopposed, while the criminal proceedings resulted in a conviction of the former partner and, as a result, a full restoration of the client’s reputation with his trading counterparts.

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