Fortior participates at LCTA event held on 26 September

Fortior participates at LCTA event held on 26 September

On 26 September 2018, Fortior Law S.A. participated in “Current Issues in International Trade & Kazakhstan – Commodities Powerhouse and Eurasian Financial Hub”, an event organised by the Lugano Commodity Trading Association.

The event gathered over 50 industry professionals representing more than 30 trading companies, financial institutions and services providers. The participants had an opportunity to pose their questions to Mr Niall Meagher, Executive Director of the Advisory Centre on WTO Law in relation to the ongoing concerns in roiling markets, as well as to discuss the current state of the relations between the WTO’s leading members in view of recent trade war declarations. Concerns in relation to BREXIT and its effect on the UK’s status following its formal departure from the EU were also considered.

The talk was followed by a presentation of Mr Temirlan Mukhanbetzhanov, Managing Director of Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC), which was launched in 2018. He briefly introduced Kazakhstan’s current role in the commodities trading market, highlighting its abundant fossil fuel reserves and vast deposits of minerals and metals. The AIFC embodies the reformist and forward-thinking approach of the Kazakh Government and aims to become Eurasia’s first financial hub for four categories of companies:

  1. Financial service providers;
  2. Blockchain companies;
  3. Insurance brokers; and
  4. Other consultancy services providers.

Following these presentations, Fortior had an opportunity to discuss the current state of the crude oil and coal industry, as well as its future, with leading experts in the field.

The event took place just prior to the Commodity Trade Finance Conference 2018 which was organised by GTR EUROPE, a publisher and event organizer for the global trade, commodity, export and supply chain and finance industries.

About Fortior Law S.A.:

Our firm represents individuals and companies actively involved in the commodities trading sector. Our clients include shipowners and charterers, marine insurance providers and brokers, logistics and transportation companies and trading companies.

Fortior Law S.A. has a strong team of lawyers focusing on international dispute resolution and having strong expertise in maritime, contract and corporate law. In 2017, Fortior entered into a formal partnership with Russian and Kazakh law firms, expanding its presence in the Eurasian region. The firm represents clients from the Caspian, Middle East and European regions.

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