Set up a Swiss company in 10 days

Set up a Swiss company in 10 days

Establishing a Swiss company, especially for foreigners, may be a long and difficult process.

There are multiple service providers who establish Swiss companies relatively cheaply. However, in order to establish a Swiss company, one normally has to open a bank account with a Swiss bank and deposit the company’s initial capital into that account.

This is where problems and delays usually occur. If you reside outside of Switzerland, it may be impossible for you to open a Swiss bank account for your company at all. Alternatively, a bank might ask that you invest money with it (e.g. buy a million-dollar worth of securities) before it agrees to open an account for you.

If you reside in Switzerland but are not a Swiss citizen, it may take ages for you to open an account. It is not unusual for account opening to take 6 months or more even where all the papers are in order.

There is however a method to cut through these difficulties. You can deposit the company’s starting capital in kind, which means that you do not have to open an account in Switzerland for the company. Instead, you can open an account with a Neo Bank (e.g. Revolut, Wise or similar) which only takes a day.

Our Swiss team provides a turn-key solution to organise company set-up with a contribution of capital in kind. This includes:

  1. identification of goods acceptable to notaries as an in-kind contribution;
  2. engagement of appropriate auditors and notaries, and coordinating their work;
  3. preparing all the necessary documentation to start a company and adjusting it to a company with capital contribution in kind;
  4. opening an account with a Neo Bank;
  5. handing over control of the company and the account to you, with your capital contribution converted into cash on your company account.

We also provide/organise ancillary services such as virtual or physical/traditional office space, director services, accounting and tax services, preparation of all the required corporate documentation, assistance with the employment of staff, immigration and other matters.

To learn more or initiate your urgent company set-up, please reach out to [email protected].

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