Danil Hristich speaks at Gafta's webinar about instalment deliveries

On 22 April, Danil Hristich, our Senior Associate, delivered a presentation at a webinar hosted by Gafta.

The topic of discussion was: "Instalment deliveries: can I refuse to deliver if my previous instalments are not paid for?”.
Danil kindly shared his experience with Fortior's recent Gafta arbitration case on this issue. He also touched on the matter of set-off in arbitration; whether a buyer may withhold payment if there are mistakes in the invoice, the withholding of payments for breach of a contract, etc.

The webinar was held within Gafta's Monthly Member Webinars series – a new event introduced by Gafta which is available exclusively for its members. Fortior was pleased to be the first firm to sponsor and participate in the webinar.

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