Fortior's Statement on Russia's War against Ukraine

Fortior's Statement on Russia's War against Ukraine

Fortior law fully supports Ukraine and condemns this unprovoked Russian war, which is taking place against civilians, soldiers defending their homes and their loved ones, and military targets all over Ukraine. We understand that legal practitioners tend to be cautious and prefer to remain neutral in such matters, as this is what the profession typically expects. Everyone has a right to a defence, and so lawyers may accept work from wrongdoers.

These are, however, truly exceptional circumstances. We are faced with the biggest catastrophe on European soil since World War II. It has now been confirmed that Belarus is aiding Russia in its war against Ukraine, and it has further been confirmed that Belarus will allow nuclear weapons to be placed on its soil. This is a global threat, and these are circumstances which cannot be ignored.

In view of this, Fortior will not accept work from any company whose profits or taxes go to the Russian or Belarusian state budget.

We are ready to take on pro bono cases against Russian and Belarusian companies.

Further, we wish to put our clients on notice that profits generated by Fortior entities may (and partly will) go to support the Ukrainian army.

We would urge other firms to follow suit and join us in our efforts to increase the global pressure on Russia and Belarus to end this war and withdraw from Ukraine without further casualty or loss of life.

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