Corporate and M&A

We help set up companies in multiple jurisdictions (UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Georgia, Cyprus). We can assist with all business establishment issues including bank account opening, renting office space, establishing internal contractual documentation and policies, preparing shareholder and board resolutions, arranging accounting and audit support, dealing with employment law and immigration issues.

We advise clients on various stages of cross-border M&A transactions, including:

  • Performing legal and HR due diligence to identify risks involving asset and property ownership, loans, securities, employment law compliance, corporate governance and litigation exposures;
  • Assembling due diligence team with outside advisors to identify financial, commercial & operational issues involving tax, market share & positioning and key management & senior staff review; and
  • Drafting and reviewing documents to close transactions.

We also deal with multiple contentious issues in the corporate context, including:

  • representing clients in shareholder disputes spanning multiple jurisdictions.
  • winding-up proceedings against companies in Switzerland, UK and Cyprus;
  • disputes over corporate rights, option agreements and the like; and
  • employment law disputes and disputes between corporate partners.
Xavier-Romain Rahm
Team members
Setting up companies in various jurisdictions
Assisting with various stages of M&A transactions
Conducting legal due diligence
Opening bank accounts
Organising accounting, audit and other corporate services
Drafting shareholders, joint venture and other corporate agreements 
Representing clients in corporate disputes
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