WTO / Trade Regulation

Since the era of hyperglobalisation began to come to an end around 2015, many state authorities are seeking to regulate the growing cross-border trade and direct foreign investment with the immediate effect of causing market access barriers for clients involved in international trade. Fortior Law’s head office is based in Geneva, which is also the seat of the World Trade Organisation. Our professionals represent clients in connection with a broad range of matters involving trading of hard and soft commodities and assist clients to manage their risk exposures relating to fragmentation of trade regulations with the following highlights:

- A team of lawyers qualified in various jurisdictions (England and Wales, Ukraine, Georgia, Switzerland, New York, Malta) to handle a wide variety of disputes in different fora;

- Extensive experience assisting clients attain successful results in various trade litigations, such as antidumping and countervailing duty proceedings;

- Profound industry knowledge helping clients negotiate trade agreements, such as price undertaking agreements, and advise clients on the key elements not only to be strictly in compliance with the terms of such agreements, but also to strategically utilise such mechanisms in their trading transactions;

- Extensive contacts with trade officials in key markets to assist clients with customs related matters;

-  Unique capability of trade due diligence practice to advise clients in cross-jurisdictional transactions.

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