Investment Arbitration

We advise on all aspects of the investor-state arbitration proceedings against or on behalf of states. Our lawyers have acted in and advised on multiple investment arbitration proceedings including:

- a UNCITRAL claim arising out of misappropriation and partial destruction of a telecom business in a Central Asian country, culminating in a favourable settlement for our client

- an ICSID claim arising out of a Middle-Eastern state’s interference in arbitration proceedings to cover-up a breach of contract by that state to sell a stake in a major bank;

- an Energy Charter claim arising out of syphoning off of oil products by a state company from its pipeline;

- a BIT claim arising out of expropriation of business by imposition of disproportionate tax penalties;

- an Islamic Conference Treaty claim arising out of a failure to deliver fertilisers under a long-term supply contract by a state-owned company.

Our arbitration team is composed of outstanding lawyers, with strong academic backgrounds in international investment law and expertise in various legal aspects pertaining to the disputed issues. The team members have authored numerous articles on international investment arbitration, are repeatedly invited to lecture in universities and deliver presentations at international conferences.

We deal with both high value and lower value matters. We are currently advising on a number of investment claims arising out of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, where our clients seek damages for inability to access their business in Russian-occupied territories, theft of grain and other agricultural commodities by the Russian Federation, theft and destruction of equipment and other damage to business. We have experience in both UNCITRAL and Stockholm arbitrations to pursue those claims to a successful conclusion.

Enforcement of an agreement to arbitrate
Preparation of notices of arbitration
Appointment of arbitrators and establishment of the tribunal
Participation in arbitral hearings
Enforcement of arbitral awards worldwide
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