Sanctions & Compliance

We have several compliance specialists on our team and we can, among others, assist you with the following:
- Draft your sanctions and other compliance policies.

- Run checks on your counterparties, future partners, employees and other third parties for sanctions, scandals, political exposure and other factors. We have access to special compliance corporate databases. We also have access to Court databases and can check your counterparty’s potential involvement in civil and criminal litigation.

- We have connections with investigators in many countries, as well as companies offering IT investigations. We can connect you with them in order to assist you with identifying assets and business activities of your counterparties.

- We can help you prepare appropriate compliance policies in view of the risks specific to your business and the environment in which you operate.

- We can help you release your funds if they were unjustifiably blocked by your bank. We have dealt with multiple cases where clients’ funds have been blocked by US correspondent banks because the client had a similar name to a sanctioned individual, or because a recipient’s bank was sanctioned. We have New York attorneys on the team who can try to convince the bank to release the funds, seek a licence from OFAC or instruct litigation counsel in New York if required to recover your money.

Sergey Platonov
Senior Associate
Team members
The legal registration and status of entities
Detailed descriptions of companies with purposes of incorporation etc
Identifying directors and shareholders of a company, and information on other companies owned by those persons
Identifying subsidiaries and parent companies of your counterparts
Identifying whether individuals or entities you are dealing with are under sanctions, PEPs, and whether there are pending/closed enforcement procedures against them
Reviewing and obtaining information concerning the financial standing of a company and the changes in its finances over several years
Adverse news on any relevant individuals
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